Chainlink Fencing

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Need a Chain Link fence for your Residential or Commercial Property?

The enhanced security, durability, value, and flexibility of chain link makes it a great selection for companies.  We offer a wide variety of heavier commercial and industrial fencing and have years of experience providing top service to companies all over Memphis. Memphis Fencing Company has constructed fences for utility companies, factories, hospitals, schools, and more.  We can provide security and privacy accessories such as barbwire, colored slats, wind screens, and bottom rails.  If you need assistant determining which security option is best for your business, call us today.

If you are having a hard time selecting a fence that matches all your criteria, here are some great reasons to consider a chain link fence installed by Fayetteville Fencing:

  • Chain link fencing is very economic as compared to wood, vinyl, and steel ornamental fencing.
  • Chain link fences are highly durable due to design and material.  This type of fence is capable of bearing the harshest weather conditions including, rain, storms, snow, etc.
  • Chain link fence is available in galvanized steel and a variety of other colors.  Vinyl-coated chain link is available in Black, Brown, and Green.  Color-coated chain link will naturally blend with the environment and can “disappear” into the landscape.

Available Heights: 4’, 5’, and 6’  (8’ and 10’ available for commercial properties). Standard 2” gap at bottom is typical for yard maintenance.  This can be adjusted upon request. Chain link fences follow the flow of the ground in a straight line.  Dips in ground level will leave gaps under the fence line. 


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